How to avoid getting used?

He was using me for my pool. Yes my age is the real age. I'm an adult woman who got used for her pool. Any way to avoid getting used?

I cut it off when I found out for sure. I guess there was a voice saying something was off.

He he pretended to be in love with me. My only comfort right now is that none of it was real so I realistically lost nothing, it was never there. Those feelings I had were one sided.


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  • You should show the men you meet right off the bat that you are a strong person and that there's no way they're going to use you. That will probably scare off the manipulative ones.


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  • use you better judgement next time. are they paying more attention to blank, or is he paying more attention to me. ask yourself that question. next time be hard to get.


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  • Just don't let anyone on your pool then.


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