Why do I feel so angry towards my ex bf?

My ex and I broke up last year. Since then he's been the one who initiated conversations with me the most. Lately, he's asked if we could meet up but then left me hanging when I've said yes.

Yesterday, we were texting back and forth and he once again brought up hanging out as friends. He basically said "we could hang out once in a while as friends, no?". We scheduled to meet up next Sunday and I told him to confirm the place and time with me, which he hasn't done as of yet.

For some reason, I have all this anger building up inside of me. Why do I feel like I want to have a go at him? And should I delete him off facebook if he keeps me hanging again this time? He's done this a couple of times but I've always ignored it.


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    It always make me laugh at the phenomenon of people that like to stay friends with people you broke their hearts. You feel angry because you feel played. You also are frustrated with yourself for giving this loser chances even after the break up. You should block, delete and ignore everything about him.

    • I know.. and you're completely right. I'm planning on deleting him after Sunday as I'm fed up and just want to move on with my life. I've wasted enough time on him already and it's made me mentally exhausted. Thank you

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  • He's def playing you. yes delete him off of everything!

    • Thank you and yes you're right.. I'm gonna delete him

    • ok. i know its not easy but you're self worth is so much more important than his games.

    • thank you so much 😀

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  • It's totally normal but you should work on forgiving him.

    • I have tried forgiving him time and time again. I'm fed up with the way he's repeatedly bailed on me and disrespected me. You can only take so much..

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