If a guy texts but doesn't ask you out?

I met my friend's roommate at a party a few days ago. I got a small vibe that he was interested & after we left my friend kept saying she saw him "checking me out" a few times. The next day he had texted me "Last night was fun, and your friends seem like a fun group. Let me know if you guys plan to hang out anytime soon" (I guess he got my # from our mutual friend). Since then we've been texting back & forth and he asks me stuff like what my hobbies are, what kind of movies I like, etc. I'm kinda confused if he's interested or just being friendly.. the text conversation is starting to die out & he hasn't asked me on an actual date?


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  • If he was indeed checking u out and asked for ur number I think he's interested. Maybe he hasn't asked u out because he wants to know u a little more. U mentioned it's only been a few days since u met him.


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  • If he went out of his way to text you, he likes you. Ask him out.

    • I ask the gy I like out after some texts since he was not asking me out, we did go out on a first date but taht was jsut a facade for him cause even if we arrange to go out on a second date and he sem interested, he blew me off over text while he was overseas and he did not explain me why he blew me off.

    • Maybe he didn't like your run-on sentences? Or negative attitude?

      The simple fact is, if a guy goes through the effort to contact a girl, then he is interested in something.

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  • It means he's dating someone else, someone he like Better. But if it doesn't work out with her then you're still around. Basically you're on the back burner. He texts to keep you interested but he's not actually making any efforts with you

    • I think that is what is happening to me too and it is so annoying

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