Women expect men to make the first move dating but then want to be assertive in the workforce?

Are women not hypocritical for this?
  • Yes, women are hypocritical for this
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  • That would be a retarded thought in my opinion. Firstly because not all women are the same. Secondly, because a PREFERENCE which EVERYONE is allowed to have has nothing to do with the basic RIGHTS that everyone should be given.

    Please use common sense.

    • Preference is one thing but an expectation is another. Society clearly expects men to make the first move

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    • This is about assertiveness, why are you girls being so aggressive?

    • I don't like dealing with bullshit. Statistics are NOT on his side and I bet they have nothing to do with. A preference has nothing to do with the want of a woman to exceed in her chosen career.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, women are hypocritical in your example. Men are hypocritical in other ways. In general this is a fucked up, hypocritical society we're living in.


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  • not at all.


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