Will a group of guys secretly obsess over a girls looks or would most guys just go for it?

I feel like there would be a group of guys who would obsess of a girls looks, and they would all go for it, and then in some cases they just all just look at her and do nothing
why is that


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  • Yes it happens. But when they fail to decide who should make move then she just remains Part of sex fantasy.
    It depends on the group. Some guys would only love to stare abd talk how sexy she is. How big that booty is and all.
    Most won't approach because it won't make sense to appear in front of them as total strangers. Otherwise it's no less than street harassment.

  • Everyone is different, you'll get guys who look at girls and well that's about all and some will approach you, of they don't approach you it's because they either don't think they could talk to you and "get anywhere" or because they're simply just shy


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