When I tell my boyfriend how much I like him he says nothing in return?

Should I accept this as a sign of apathy towards our relationship?

When we have issues he won't talk it out. Of feel like he is just with me because of the way I look. 😕


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  • I think you're right. Sounds like he puts zero effort into you, you should move on.


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  • maybe he isn't as involved as you are in this relationship? mine is crap with my feelings until i tell him he has hurt them or something then he is better...

    • Yeah... He hasn't had a LTR in a really long time so I cut him some slack. His friends invite me to things that are months off which I take as a good sign that they like us together. I don't know I kind of ft the feeling sometimes that he holds back afraid to say the wrong thing. But yeah if you are to be in a relationship with someone you can't hold back like that. I told him I was crazy about him and I don't care what we are doing I just care about spending time with him to which he said nothing.

      I guess I'm accepting it is time to walk away. All he would have to say is he cares about me and it would resolve so many disagreements but he won't.

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    • oh... oh dear...

    • Thanks for MHO I hope all is ok x

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  • He probably isn't trying to settle down... If he won't say he cares about you he probably been fucked over before & has trouble dealing with it or he just doesn't feel the same... Just talk it out if he still stays quite then you can just break it off..


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  • Don't chase after him. The fact that he won't talk about your issues is a bad sign


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