I literally know 2 girls and have crushes on both of them. Desperate?

i only have regular contact with two girls, both of which are taken and both I have a crush on. I seem to swap every now and again as to which one I like the most and that person is on my mind all the time. I can't bare to think that they might not like me back, and If they only see me as a friend, I feel like a failure and useless. I'm always analyzing there behaviour to see if they like me. I know I sound insane right?
what do you think it is, the fact I only know two girls, desperate, too loyal?
I don't know..


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  • There's nothing wrong with finding two women physically attractive.
    That's normal and happens with people in every day life.
    However, my question to you is why do you seem to get let down about women that may not like you back?
    It's not like you will have a chance with them.
    They are un-attainable because they are taken.
    I think you should try pursue or strike interest in a girl who is available.

    • I feel emasculated when a girl isn't into me. I feel like I've been a failure. Sounds sad I know.
      thjs particular girl has started to 'flirt' with another guy we know and when Im not around and them two are, I get a real bad fear and anxiety that she's forgetting about me and preferring this other guy. This said girl, has a boyfriend, but she talks to me in a negative way about him.

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  • Desperate. You need to find a girl who isn't taken that you want.


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  • You might want to expand your social circle to include more people of the female persuasion. That will alleviate your "desperation" and you'll be less girl crazy. Honestly. The more women you know, the less likely you'll be to have a crush on any woman that pays attention to you.


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  • Meet more girls. Of course you're going to crush on the only two that you know.


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