Does he still like me, Is he just trying to be friends or is he just playing games? HELP?

I was seeing this guy back in may for about 3 months. Everything was great, we got on well, I got on well with this friends. We saw each other once or twice a week because his job was demanding and required long hours however that didn't bother me much because i still got to see him. However! one day he randomly text me ending things saying that his job was too busy and he didn;t want to lead me on bla bla bla. I was surprised because I always understood his job was demanding. I like him a lot, he was so nice to me and i loved spending time with him, the job thing was never something i let bother me.
Anyway, so I respected his decision and said that there was no hard feelings because there wasn't, his job had to come first. We didn't communicate for over a month. BUT recently he messaged me like nothing happened, it's been nice talking to him and he's even asked for us to meet up for a drink this Friday. Which has left me a little confused?
Does he still like me? Or... Is something else going on here... HELP!
I just don't want to be let down again because i genuninely started to really really like this guy when he then decided to end things.


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  • Hard to know. He might have a better handle on things and feel like he has time for a relationship now. Sounds like you have no reason not to meet up with him, just make sure to find out what he's after.


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