Are people in their 30's who are in a relationship with a teenager (17-18) mentally unstable?

Girls think it's wrong, guys think it's lovely.


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  • quite possibly. I suspect they would be somehow 'locked in' to a high school state of mind. I mean, if it's just sex, fine, but when it comes to trying to relate to someone half your age, that requires you to ignore the last ~20 years of your own life and pretend to start over. Someone willing to ignore that much of themselves must have issues with it.

    now that's just "in general". Of course there's always the possibility that they've happened upon a particularly mature teenager, but that's pretty rare.

    • I agree someone being with a teenager isn't always the right thing, but where do you get they "ignore" their last 20 years of their life. That doesn't make sense.

    • @AnOn-71
      Well, I couldn't really think of a better way to phrase it. Someone locked in a high-school mentality isn't really paying much attention to the world after high school, by definition. I suppose 'ignoring' it isn't quite the right word, but they don't really use their environment to allow their self-image to develop with time. Instead, they cling to their high school definition of self-worth and refuse to alter it to include revisions that normally come with maturity. So, the low-intelligence high-passion trends of high school still appeal to them, and thus the participants of those trends (high school people) also appeal to them.

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  • Unstable? I don't know. Creepy? Definitely.


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  • Perhaps more mentally and emotionally immature.
    Some might be predatory and some might just be very childlike in their mind. I don't think everyone is the same.

    • What if they're not child like?

    • Like I said. Some might be predatory who want to take advantage of naive teens.
      Some might actually be mentally and emotionally on the same lever regardless of the age gap.
      Some simply are neither of those. There's no one definite answer. Just like in any other scenario.

  • I would not feel good with myself dating a 178 yo... i feel she just needs to be with someone younger first...

    But, the thing is... there are incredibly girls with 18, that looks very mature and older.
    It's unfair to say that the 30 yo guy is a creeper just because the age.

  • I would think they're more likely to just be desperate.

  • no... i don't see how.

  • No, not at all. If they can still get someone that young all the power to them. They're all adults. Does that mean everyone who fantasizes being with a Playboy girl is messed up? Don't think so. They are all 18 & old Hugh is definitely not mentally unstable.

    I would think all them guys who complain about stuff like that are just jealous because they can't. Probably can't even get one their own age.

  • Not sure. I don't see anything wrong with a 18 year old dating someone who's in their 30s. They are adults.


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  • I think so considering they would be old enough to be their parent.

    • They would have to do it with 11 years lol...

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    • A 30 yo man would need to make a child with 11 years age, and a 35 with 16. So yes, they could but would be too young. Not a big point :p but just to show that the age gap is not so huge on these example.

    • ummm your English isn't fantastic but I think I get what you are saying... But yes the age gap is humongous here. Let's say the 30 year old had a kid when he was 13 then the child would be 17. My former best friend was only 14 when she first got pregnant.

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