Why do some users on this website keep trying to make me date white guys?

I'm half black and white and my ex was white I had 1 one white boyfriend. I find most white men boring and I have no interest in them. I only like them as friends. I don't fucking force black men on you so why the fuck do some users try to push interracial dating on me. Some liberals don't make no fucking sense you claim you are tolerant yet if someone doesn't do what you want you force your views on them and attack them. I dated a white guy before. Kill your self


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  • Aggressively encouraging people to date interracially seemed to only affect whites. It's interesting you have that experience now.
    Preference is a real thing regardless of what some of the dummies on here think.

    Date in whatever group you want.


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  • ""I find most white men boring and I have no interest in them.""

    People try to tell you otherwise because you're being racist.

  • White guys are boring? Why so racist?

  • What is it about white guys do you find boring?

    • Some white men act arrogant

    • And some of them act like they have better things to do like they can't have fun

    • What do you class as "fun"?

  • Maybe because they want you to like them. Because they have a hint of inner demons within themselves. Something they get defensive about. Something they cherish. Something that they know is bad and yet they hang onto it. Liberals sometimes have this yes, but so can conservatives.


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