I been really stressed out and I been taking it out on my girlfriend, will dinner be enough you think?

It's been a really tough week. I saw her 3 times this week and i was just mad really and not listenting to her and sometimes yelling at her for some dumb things. I parents left on a 2 week vacation and we own a bar/restaurant. I'am in command of it for now and it's tough trying to schdule things and do things and so on. I feel like my girlfriend had to endure my crap and me getting mad and yelling. I can tell she didn;t like it.

I'am busy but willing to take her out to a very nice place to eat dinner. Is that enough you think?


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  • That's a very great idea.
    You should also do a lot of apologizing as well.

    A way in which you can also show you are truly sorry is to stop
    taking out your anger on her, now that you realize that you have.
    If you continue the same actions, no matter how much you show you are sorry will not matter anymore.
    She simply won't believe you.
    Someone that is sorry doesn't exhibit the same behavior continuously.

    I think she will appreciate your efforts to make things better.
    Enjoy that night with her :)
    Show her that she means a lot to you and is worth your time.

    Best wishes!

    • yeah i messed up and when i yelled at her she didn't like it, i will make sure to treat her better and let her know why i'am mad. I won't do it again.

    • <3 best wishes.
      Im sure everything will work out for u.

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  • Yes, please do that. You should also apologize to her and let her know you didn't mean to take it out on her.

    • yeah i will. i'll get her some flowers too

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  • reassure her that you love her, cherish her and never meant to hurt her. i agree with the flowers! dont just get red roses, buy some roses with a different type of color, research the meaning of that rose color and read it to her aloud. the meaning should relate to ur feelings for her. she'll def forgive you!

    • that seems sweet. I never think of these things, only you girls do aha. I will do that and bring her out to a nice place. I feel bad cause yesturday she was a little mad at me and i told her to f*ck off :( i feel super bad about it and i really want to make it up to her. Sunday was a big night and earlier in the day i had to get things ready and she kept texting me and i got all mad. I never ever been like this to her and i know she is mad with me and won't show it. But i will make it up to her. I feel like i'm letting her down :( i will also tell her why i'm mad cause managing a restaurant and bar with people is a tough thing to do.

    • hmmm. goodness. im gona answer that. but hey there's something i wana ask u. can u inbox me plz?

  • Don't be afraid to lay it on thick. Maybe some flowers as well?

    • i guess i can do flowers and some chocolate for her then dinner

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