If I get yes most the time when I ask girls out but never get a girlfriend, whats wrong with me?

Well I've never had a lasting relationship with a girl for more than 3 months I'm always the rebound guy and always the second choice. I NEVER in my life as of so far have been rejected for a date and girls usually want to hook up and have sex really fast with me and claim I'm good in bed yet they never want to have a relationship with me or make me the main guy. I'm always consolidation price, MR rebound or mr one night. This kinda makes me feel like there's something wrong with me. I'm actually a nice guy and have job, education and very ambitious ( I started my own clothing line and my own food truck business)

I'm great with kids and all that "husband" type material so I though some girl would be thrilled to be with me but I gues I was wrong


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  • Then yield yourself and don't be so quick to give up the sanctity of you. If you catch my drift.. you sound lovely, there's no reason other than this that I could think of..

    • there is no "sanctity" about any human but I dont want to be like 30 and single

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    • well thats a long shoot but I'm not here to critizise anyones beliefs

    • I think it's true but as you said it's a personal belief

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  • It's possible there isn't anything wrong with you, in the sense of you as a person. Your personal judgment in who you are dating, the types of girls you're trying to date, and possibly your method in dating is flawed. Not entirely uncommon, I think everyone suffers from that at some point in their dating career. You're trying to find a girl with the same wants and desires as you. If the girls just wants to play around and have fun, maybe not the greatest sign of a lasting relationship, as you clearly want. That doesn't mean on the first date talk about spending forever together. Girls get spooked easily, so even though everyone knows why we're dating doesn't mean we can still talk about it. If you are dating girls between the ages of 18 to 23, most of these girls aren't really looking for a lasting relationship because those relationships usually lead to marriage, which most girls aren't ready for at that age. There are lots of pieces I can give you, but from what you've said, the most important thing is to not have sex with them. I tell this to girls who want to have a relationship with guys who just want to have sex. The same is going for you right now, in that if the girl is only looking to rebound or have sex, don't be that guy. I would go at least two months of dating a girl before having sex with them, mostly to avoid sex and tell them that's what you're doing until you are in a committed relationship. That will help avoid rebound girls without sounding too desperate or relationship crazy to them. You should look at the type of girls you're interested in, and see if you can't adjust your preferences in who you're going after.

    • Well I dont mind the sex part but what bother me its that they always ACT like they want something else and then just poof. IF they told me "I just wanna have sex" I'd be cool with that because I know what id be getting into. I'm 27 and I'm not looking to get married but It would be nice to have a stable relationship because I'm a family guy and want to have kids at least at the early 30s and oin my country people get married at 18 so most 23 year old are already married and have kids

    • The 18 to 23 is a generalization. Of course girls get married at those ages, but if you looked at the statistics, most of them get divorced. It's better to date 24 and up, since most of these girls are actually thinking about a real relationship and possibly marriage. It increases your chances. And the no sex at the beginning is to protect your interests. Believe it or not, just like guys, girls sometimes just want to have sex. By not giving that to them, you sift out the bad ones from the ones that want a real relationship.

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  • I honestly think it's about meeting the right person at the right time. It took me a while to meet the right one after my first love. In the meantime, just have faith and things will play out on its own. That I can promise you. by the way, could you give me your take on my situation? I'd really appreciate it

  • I think girls got the impression that you are not the really settle down type
    May be that's because you are attractive and so easy to get any girl you want
    I always feel that the guy will bot be serious with me if he can get a better girl easily
    Or maybe that's just my insecurity
    But i don't think there's something wrong with you

  • you might be good looking but they dont like your personality too much.

    • I'm not a bad guy tho what can be wrong with it then?

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