How to find an intelligent girlfriend?

Hi, I'd like to meet more women on a similar intellectual level / with a similar mindset. Women who think on their own -who do not run after fashion, trends, TV series... Women who inform themselves about what is going on in the world, who want to understand how things work, who question things instead of just following others. I want a woman who is interested in something - who wants to devellop something new to the benefit of others. I think these women are to be found in the STEM field - I cannot think of a good reason not to go in this field with my mindset. I think those women are not necessarily the most outgoing. On the other hand they are usually outnumbered by men in their field of study, jobs..., so finding a mate is not a big issue for them. For men on the other hand it's kind of troublesome. In my lab there is maybe 1 women for 8 guys. Why is that? Do women simply not care about what is going on in the world or is it simply to complicated for them to pursue a career in science. On the other hand I often hear, that highly educated women would have difficulties to find a man, because those would be intimidated by her achievements. In my eyes that's kind of anachronistic. I wouldn't mind my women to earn more. I wouldn't feel more or less a man... That's kind of childish. Most women I meet in the STEM field already have a partner... During their studies they had a great choice. I couldn't imagine living with a woman who didn't study at all - or who studied arts, social sciences or something like this. I would just miss the depth and variety of conversations I can have with friends. People in other fields feel to be just a lot more focussed on what is going on with celebrities/ in series / in fashion - stuff I would never want to talk about, because it's just so meaningless and doesn't change anything. I enjoy having conversations with people who can understand relations between topics and contribute new facts. Where to find and recognize such women?


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  • You need an engineer girlfriend or a girl who works in science.

    • I know that... I am just kind of demotivated by the low ratio...
      Alternatively how can I get to value things which are stupid and I don't care about?

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    • I can't just stop judging or thinking. I had a girlfriend who was perfect for me, but she broke up because we are not from the same ethnical group.
      I would like to find such a girl again.
      I don't want to restrict myself by being with someone who can't understand me. Who does not share my values, who is just superficial or just follows others. I really can't deal with people who just live their life and don't care about anything else.
      I want a girl who also wants to advance things, who can think on a global scale, who plans for her future.

    • Our daily lives nowadays are dominated by technology. I want to be with a girl who at least understands a bit of this. Other people only using stuff, without even trying to understand are just so ignorant. I also want that she does not only know one country and takes everything she knows from there as normal...

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  • I find your mindset quite closed off. I mean women don't have to be in STEM to actually be interested in others things that aren't related to fashion, celebrities and tv. Sure there are those women who are self-centered and only like gossip, fashion etc. but some enjoy all kinds of things whether it be gossip and science altogether. I suggest going to a library or museum. You could be surprised by what you might find.

    • But why - if you have the same mindset and you believe in your abilities, why would you choose another field?
      I am driven by the thought of investigating, understanding and improving things - and I d like my girl to be driven by the same way of thinking.
      I meet other people in debating or sports - but often I have the impression that they are so shallow minded and do not comprehend the consequences or connections between things.

    • When I was 17 I joined the military because I wanted to serve my country and protect the ones I loved. But it doesn't mean I don't enjoy asking questions and learning about our existence. Evolution is one of the most fascinating subjects that come to my mind. But I could never picture myself studying about it. I enjoy learning about a whole bunch of stuff. But just because things fascinate me doesn't mean I want them to take up my whole life.

  • School or libraries you will find them.


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