Guys, is there any chance that this guy does maybe like me?

I am a christian and I like a guy from church. However, guys at church are really hard to read when it comes to dating. I went out with my last boyfriend for 3 years but we broke up 3 months ago. There's a guy that I like and for a while when I was with my ex I thought this guy showed some signs of at the very least finding me attractive. Now Im single we have chatted a lot more however, when I made the suggestion to him to join myself and some friends at an event he just said he would 'keep it in mind' and he didn't pursue it further. He did, however, come down to where I'm from and he told me beforehand that he would be coming down that day. I went to church that evening forgetting that he would be there and my friend said that he kept looking over at me. He had to leave early though so there was no chance for us to talk. It's difficult to know if he likes me and its also complicated because he knows my ex and everyone is still talking about our break up. Is there any chance this guy might like me or do you think he is just a friendly guy?


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  • Sounds like he likes you


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