Can I change my mom's mind?

Hey, I'm 19. I met someone 2 months ago but we didn't get on well with each other so we broke up. My mom thought he was the best for me, he was handsome, he was a gentleman, he knew how to get things done (for example buying his own tickets to travel- an easy example.) but I didn't like him enough. I started to talk with my ex boyfriend before breakup. My mom got furious. My ex was my ex because of my mom and dad's bad thoughts about him. Now I'm still missing him but my mom will never let me see or talk to him. She calls him names, she says she has high blood pressure because of him. She said "It's either him or me." to me. :/ I feel so sad because I love both of them, and I don't want to see my mom sad. The reasons why she dislikes him is that he's going to a psychologist for help (She thinks its bad but the only reason is his mother - she thinks he can't pay attention to studying :D), she thinks he's ugly, she thinks he can't do anything by himself, and lastly she thinks he can't protect me. Now I'm a student and he's working hard for an examination. So he doesn't have anything to do. Mom thinks he won't be able to go anywhere. What to do? I don't want to make a choice!


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  • There comes a time when you have to live your own life.

    Your Mom is not going to like all of your life decisions.
    There will come a time where she will sit back and accept it.

    As much as I want to steer someone while they drive... I can't... It's just impossible!
    You're an adult now... make decisions according to yourself.
    Your Mom has to allow you to make your own mistakes (if she sees you dating him as such)
    That's the only way a person can grow, gain knowledge and experience in life.
    She is hindering your development by trying to control you in that way.

    • Yeah, unfortunately :/ she always says mother knows the best and there is something wrong with my ex boyfriend, I can't see anything. I want to see it myself, but she won't let me. So I just get sad and keep saying "we couldve been blah blah"

    • What I realized is that... your parents will always treat you like their baby until you move out of their home.
      When you live on your own (in a few years from now), you'll be able to truly feel like an adult that can make her own choices.

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