Does he like me?

so I work with this guy a couple of years older than me and I have a crush on him and I can't tell how he feels about me. I've noticed that he tends to be very quiet around me however he has started making conversation like asking me when I'm next working etc and saying he'll see me then. Basically unnecessary small talk? And I ALWAYS see him looking at me but he looks down/away after and carries on with what he was doing. Also he was showing me how to do something and when he was explaining he was properly looking at me and when I looked up at him I had to look down because I felt awkward do you know what I mean? Like I felt like we would be looking into each other's eyes so I looked away. Also he compliments me at work saying I'm doing good and stuff and he's so patient with me if I ever get things wrong. I'm not sure whether I'm interpreting it all wrong or if he actually likes me? Any help?


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  • i dont think he likes you.

    • Okay that's fine, why?

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