Do most White/Caucasian American women (in the US) expect too much from their men in relationships, having a high standards on them?

I'm on POF and so far, the majority of the White-American women that I've encountered, seem to have very high standards of the men they look for. They expect the men to all be gentlemen and have good financial income and be independent already even if you're still in college yet they never really explain what's in it for the men being in the relationships with them (not that I don't expect much but I want to know how they are as ladies).

I'm a Mexican-American/Hispanic guy who's not only works part-time as a school custodian but I also go to college to study Software Engineering and I use up a lot of my paychecks to pay off my college tuition. My parents are struggling financially after letting my older sisters move back in with them bringing their problems into our house so obviously, I still live with my parents being in this situation until I get my bachelor's degree.
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  • Women tend to want older men. So you being in the same boat as me (also living at home, working part time until I graduate) would look good to younger women than those you would find on POF. What's a guy your age doing on there anyway? Thought online dating was for older people. You would look less good to women our age (aside from those like me who totally get it) and older girls who want older guys.

    • Well, most of the women in my age group actualy don't mind men of the same age as them.

      Anyways, the only reason why I'm trying out online dating is because I'm too busy trying to juggle my life schedules with work, college and family assistance.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't know about expect, they try for the best they can get but most of them don't set an expectation. It would almost be better if they did, then you would only have to fill it and they'd be satisfied. As it is they always would like more. Some are just nicer about it than others.


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  • In more wealthy first world countries like America women demand more taller, white high status males.

    In more primitive nations women seek high status alpha male primitives that are violent.

    Humans are still pathetic animals in clothing. Humanity is a fucking joke.


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