Am I over thinking? what does this mean?

my boyfriend said to me can you promise me something? I said sure.. he said this : if we get married can we not do a big engagement party? he suggested maybe a simple bbq.. is he consider marrying me?


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  • I think he was testing to see how you would react to the idea of getting married. If you don't want to get married, you better tell him clearly before he proposes in front of a crowd

    • we've known each other for about a year and half. he told me in the past that would want to marry me. we taught a lot about what he wanted before we became official 4 months ago. so your thoughts still remea the same

    • So you already know he is considering marrying you... Why ask then?

    • he said he wants his next relationship to last and that's why he wants it to be perfect. and then after 6 months of fighting on and off he gave in.. he said he can't promise we will lead into marriage buts let's have a relationship

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  • he's considering it!


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