How should I approach a situation in very early dating?

So I met a an awesome girl online and we went out on a date. Things seemed to hit off pretty good and we've been seeing each other for almost a week in a half. We've already been on 4 dates and they seemed like a success. She once told me that she likes me and I told her that I like her to. We used to text each other all the time and things were fun. However, very recently things were just not the same. The became more distant especially when we text. It seems like m pushing a conversation out of her when it used to be flowing really good. She doesn't seem to respond the same way as she used to. She seems more distant and if I ask her to hang out she would say I will let you know later on but she would not say anything. She did mention before that she's going to be busy over this week. I really do like this girl, we did not have sex yet but we only got to second base. I dont want to bring this up just yet because it feels like im bieng a bit too clingy, and I suspect that maybe she wants me out because of that.
Im just wondering if this can be some kind of test that she would put up to see if I really like her or if I just want to get into her pants? Im wondering if I stop with her then she would just forget about me.


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  • you should bring it up, the sooner the better.


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  • Give her time. This is right around the time girls sit on the fence wondering what to do, and it might take a while. Don't contact her unless she contacts you. She said she's busy for the week, just try to relax and wait her out.

    • I think your right, much appreciated!

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  • Your starting to over-pursue. Too much communication too, your talking yourself out of her being interested. Girls love the anticpation.
    Wait a week, ask her when she is free next to catch up, and be patient, let her come to you

    • do you think waiting a week with no communication can really help?

    • Well look at it this way... Your constant communication is doing yourself no good.
      Why wouldn't the opposite work? If she still has interest it will be fine, unless you turned her off already

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