What to tell this guy I hooked up with?

I hooked up with this guy at a friend's party (we were both pretty drunk) on Saturday night. I messaged him yesterday on facebook, he asked for my number and we've been talking all day today. He asked me to chill in the next few days. I dont know if he wants to just hook up with me now since we already had sex. I'm not sure if thats what I want. Should I tell him I want to wait until I'm actually in a relationship? Or does it matter? I'm not sure what to do.


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  • Ummm, you have a random hook up than want to slow the pace completely...
    Just communicate this too him, see what he says and go from there


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  • Talk to him about it. Be straight up front. Ask him if he just wants to hook up or if he wants to actually date.


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  • It always matters. If you want to wait until you're in a relationship, definitely tell him that. Just because you had it once doesn't mean you cannot decide to wait for a relationship.

  • Tell him you want to spend time with him but you want to slow down. It sounds like you would be happier if you didn't drink so much.


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