Does online dating advice work or is it always BS?

I have a really crappy love life so I started to google around weeded out the retarded pick up artist and scams but I found some mildly down to earth advice that didn't involve making a total ass of myself.

What I read is
- Ask girls out quickly , dont wait too much
- when dating never push for a relationship and just wait on her to ask the questions of "what are we?"
- make her laugh
- tease
- dont apologize for being different
- dont be cocky unless its for a joke
- dont send gifts too soon

but that all seems like cool and all but will this work for an average guy? I mean everyone I see a cute female she is always with a good looking guy not with mr average. I know having a cool laid back personality is a plus but what if the guy is ugly or he is average?


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  • You know, those tips are never exact. There's no formula, things can happen when you least expect. So, I know it will seem kinda cliche, but just be yourself.

    • being myself has never gotten me anywhere though

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    • I didn't say change myself just the habbits that suck

    • That's a good start.

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