Girls, Latinas, are you attracted to black men (non ghetto)? If so how do we approach one?

This asking this though my curiosity because I dont see attractive or cute latinas with black men that often. I usually see black men with Asian, Black, Middle Eastern, and White women but never a latina. It makes me wonder why most hispanic women are reluctant to be with a African or Black person? Have you been approach by a black person before?


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  • I live in ATL where al the blacks live. I am Hispanic woman. It has to do with culture. Black men here are usually no good trouble makers and thugs, ghetto. I don't like that. I usually only date mixed men or white or Hispanic. My parents don't approve of dating black men. Plenty of my latina friends have dated black men so I guess it comes down to peoples types.

    • What about a Jamaican or Caribbean?

    • love there food and culture but just for me personallly not very attracted to black males. lii said I guess it all depends on what a person is into,

    • Then at least tell me why?

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  • Yeah plenty and yeah they can be attractive like any other mofo

  • They look good.

    • Are you an attractive Latina yourself?

    • Yep. But I first have to ficus on my life.

  • im not usually attracted to them. but sometimes.


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