Got a Crush on my friends sister am I stupid for waiting to find one like her?

Alright I'm a 22 year old male and I got a Crush on my friends sister pretty much. She has 3 kids and in her early 30's. I don't know why I have a crush on her she's kinda pretty but not my type for looks but just being around her is fun we are always joking around. She listens to me and she do some of the stupid shit I will do with me why I don't why she would. I just love her personality and wish I could find someone my age and no kids like that but everyone I find and date are boring and and not fun like her. Its almost like I'm waiting to find a girl just like her. It got to the point we always up to something and doing something fun she calls me her boyfriend its a joke so don't worry not going to do anything with her. Just she's just the funnest person to be around and it kinda ruined me on dating in till I find someone like her but like a said someone my age and no kids. lol I know this is weird but Im I stupid to wait int ill I find someone like her. Its been about a year and I haven't had a relationship longer then a month because when I see there not like her I push them away.


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  • There is nothing wrong with dating a single mom :)


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