Age just a number?

Why are people so terrified about aging? why hold value to a number? it doesn't mean anything? im 23 and i feel like im still 18. i ll never let age define me.


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  • Yes true! It is for me. I used to worry about getting old when I was 20 lol. I'm 38 but I still feel energetic like I was 21. I still listen to new music, I don't drive like a grandpa, I'm still happy to wear jeans and surfing t shirts, I feel great! Nobody believes my age and the other day someone told me they thought I was 26. I just smile to myself.
    It's all about your outlook on life! You don't have to get old and I refuse to!

    • and my hair isn't grey either

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  • That's just something we tell ourselves to make us feel better..

    • no but think about it... it really is just a number. It doesn't hold value.

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    • only.. i am not black.. :/

    • ohh.. you are black.. well then you won't have to worry about it.. for a looooooooong time.. really..

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  • i agree... age is just a number


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