What is the meaning of this conflicting behaviour?

So I meet a guy and we connect right away. A lot of talking on the phone. Two dates and he came over to see one day during the day. It ended up that he said it was moving too fast too soon. That being said he came over one day a few weeks later to help me and my dad with something. When my dad left I was showing him something and he rubbed my back, then kissed my head. Then later on he touches my bracelet and moves it down my wrist, then moves my hair out of my face then leaves and asks for a big long hug goodbye. Then a few days later I get an email at 2am telling me he had broken it off with a girl he was seeing. Then again two weeks later he comes over to help me again and this time when the other person who was there leaves, he says he wants a drink (me knowing full well what he was doing). We hang and chat for a little and then upon leaving we have a make out session and he says he wants to go out with me the following week but makes no plans. WTF. He tells me how comfortable he is with me and how natural everything is but not cracking this one. Any insights?


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  • Yuck he sounds like a jerk. He was talking to you, kissing you while on a relationship with someone else. If it's a relationship you are looking or keep looking.

    • It wasn't a relationship and I knew about it from the start.. He did tell me he was intending to break it off since we met.

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    • no but he did tell me that he needed to end it and he has. just not understanding these mixed messages.

    • He isn't taking you seriously.

  • he's just a player.

    • that doesn't feel so good.

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