If a girl I know/like has a boyfriend should I not try to talk to them?

It seems like every girl in my giant group of people I know has a boyfriend. The thing is a lot of them I don't really know that well and who knows maybe they would like me. So is it wrong to try to talk to girls who have boyfriends? At least for me it doesn't seem like they stay single very long and there almost always seems to be someone who is talking to them anyway.


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  • It all depends on the content of the conversation. If you both are taking it in a different direction and being sexual then maybe it's not appropriate? Dunno. What kind of chat did you want to have with this/these girl/girls?

    • Just like basic conversation stuff to become friends with them if they want to be my friend. The thing is my friends who are girls told me not to go talk to them because to really have a decent conversation you kind of have to talk to them one on one and people would get the wrong idea and some people could get mad. So my question is like how do I get to know them without making it obvious I am trying to get to know them? Group chat is never direct enough because it hasn't been working for me so far

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