Is he getting comfortable and more at ease? Or simply taking me for granted?

Been eating exclusively for 2 months. Let's looK at the good and bad things he's done recently.

1. He got me medicine when I got mouth ulcer
2. I thanked him for 1. Said I feel cared for. He goes of course you are and kissed my forehead.
3. He admit I'm the only girl who stay with him that long over 24 hrs
4. He is touchy and likes to give me many casual kisses on cheeks
5. He told me he enjoys my company even without sex
6. I'm the first girl who sees him play video games and joins him. He really likes that.
7. He took me to watch his team sports and does PdA in front of his teammates

1. These days he is taking longer to text back
2. He has many female friends
3. These 2 weeks all of our time are indoor except when he comes and pick me up and when he took me to watch him play team sports.
4. Seems like the way to get him respon or be more inquisitive is to ignore him.
5 last night he said no to sex for the first time. His reaso was he is very tired. (I was too after our weekend but guys usually don't turn down sex?)


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  • Sounds like nothing's wrong, he does seem to be comfortable with you and seems to enjoy your company. I wouldn't worry about anything.

    • Ah ok Was worrying cos he is taking longer to respond and staying in is like he can't be bother to plan dates.

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  • Getting you medicine is cheaper than taking you out for dinner, and it does the trick of caring about you. Sounds like he is a minimalist who really knows his game.

    He turned down sex is the first sign of losing interest, don't listen to what he says, focus on what he is doing. You will see him less and less, and soon enough you will be dumped


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  • Does he initiate contact. Have you met any of his girlfriends?

    • he does initiates contacts. I've never hung out with his friends. its just meet and greet his teammates. and his roomate. bestfriend (a dude) never met girlfriends. he met some of my friends but he said he is not ready to hung out with them yet

    • Well nothing on his bad list is that bad but maybe just keep checking in with yourself on how the relationship is working for you and of your needs are being met.

      The biggest problem I run into with dating is guy who have too many walls. Which sucks because it can be hard to tell until you've been with him for a few months but nothing is developing because he won't be real with you.

    • I hear ya, I guess that's the risk of dating. it takes a while to see someone's true color. Neither one of us had real relationship before so we are both learning.. I guess him spedning weekend with me and playing video games with me is him slowly opening up.

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