Can a gay guy love a girl or get boners from a girl?

here's what happened (we've been friends for 9 years so I've known him before he said he was gay, before he said he was gay he told me he likes me more than a friend but I turned him down because I was seeing someone) fast forward 2 years after my break up with the guy I was with. Me and my best friend grew even closer if that's possible. We would always hold hands when we sit next to each other and when we are walking. We would be attached at the hip. Then I accidentally started liking him more than a friend, then I tried to put distance between us and then I told him about my feelings for him. He was weirdly happy about my feelings for him and then he said we would talk about it but we never did. He just started being more protective and caring towards me. He would always walk me to the car, hold my hand more often and he totally freaked out when I told him that I wanted to be a cheerleader. He was all "why the sudden need to jump around in short skirts and be thrown around by boys. You're not doing that". Recently I've been feeling boners in his pants every time he hugs me, I just haven't said anything to him yet. And now every time he hugs me he lifts me off the ground and sometimes spins me. And after we hug he would say "that was fun let's do it again" and then we would hug again. (And this happens in public so the rest of our friends just watch us) and when I'm about to get in the car he scoops up my chin and we have a long hug. I actually am starting to feel like he's just leading me on or is there really something brewing?


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  • A gay guy can love a girl, but a gay guy can't get a boner from a girl


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