I have a crush on a girl who doesn't know me at all?

So well I have a really attraction to this girl. She lives in the same city with me. So i recently followed her instagram and was accepted (her acc was private). An hour later she req to follw me back. I was really overjoyed. But now i am stuck. I found her twitter but haven't follow it yet.
Can i have some advice please?
Not sure if this helps but Girls have told me i am really good looking so i shud be fine with physical attraction wise.
But i am very shy and basically a gentlement.
I am somehow a bad texter and i panic


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  • try to talk to her... message her I don't know,,, try to get to know her more and see where things go between you two

    • A little problem!
      One of her close friend is someone who i dated so thts smth i am worried about...

    • you can still try

Most Helpful Guy

  • Talk to her. There is no other option, talk to her or you're just gonna be some creeper ogling at some girl through social media.

    • Will do tht but... little problem i dk how to start the conversation

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  • Send her a message on the twitters.

    • and how shud i acutally start it?

    • You have your own personality. I'm shy myself, but my personality is different than yours. So how you'd say something is going to be different than how I say it. That said I'd say something like "Hey we followed each other on instagram. I think you're pretty and I wanted to know if you wanted to talk."

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