Guy friend slept with same girl as brother? 3 days apart?

My close guy friend slept with a girl on Saturday when he was drunk (she was a little tipsy) and then Sunday she texts him trying to be in a relationship and he nicely explained that they were drinking and he wasn't looking for a relationship. He was very nice to her and hates hurting other people. Anyway, yesterday the girl hangs out with his younger brother (younger brother has no idea girl slept with his brother), he likes her and she wants to sleep with him, so they do. She then tells him she slept with his older brother. Now little brother is angry and wants to tell my good friend about it, but I don't know how he's going to react. I mean it seems like she did it out of spite, and they are both really nice guys, and older brother NEVER hooks up with girls, so I'm wondering how he will react.

Whats everyones opinions on this situation? im just weirded out and needed to tell someone...


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  • When you try to shoot two targets with one arrow... then this is what happens.

    • See I don't think she likes the younger brother. I think she was pissed and used his liking for her as a way to get my friend back, but I mean how insecure does a girl have to be!

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    • Yes she did, and I hate to say that, but you can't try to put two siblings against one another, it's just a sticky situation.

    • You are right. Bro code must be followed and they must say get lost to her.

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  • Wtf? This is childish. Why should either one care? Casual sex is just that. She owed nothing to either brother.

    • Casual sex is casual sex, but she should have said something prior. She did it out of spite for the older brother not wanting a relationship after sex.

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  • Why are you in the middle of this?

    • I'm a good friend of both brothers.

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    • 1. I'm not involved, I'm simply curious as to what others think and am not in any way giving advice to either brother. This is simply a way for me to pubicly talk to others without it getting around to people we both know. So if you would answer the question, that would be great. Thanks.

    • If younger brother "never" simply hooks up with girls but did so on this occasion, it will be difficult for older brother to believe that younger brother was clueless about what was going on. However, if younger brother says nothing now and then older brother learns about this, older brother may feel betrayed. Therefore, younger brother should take his chances and tell older brother.

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