Guys, I went on two dates with a guy and he keeps texting me but then not responding when I reply?

background information:
So basically I met this guy on facebook through a mutual friend, he added me and we started speaking for a week.
We got on really well and decided to meet up for drinks with friends, it went well he kept telling me how beautiful I was etc. We did end up kissing (I know I shouldn't have done this but I was drunk)
The next day he texted me asking to do something, i suggested chilling because we were both tired from the night before, so I went round to his for a movie. It was good, we got on really well and kissed a couple more times. He did try it on with me but I said no that I wasn't that type of girl, he was nice about it and apologised. When i was leaving he said that he would like to take me out somewhere during the week.

Anyway the next day he texted me asking me about my day and we reponded back and forth a few times, and then he just stopped replying.
the same thing happened the next day, he texted me asking me what I was doing for the rest of the week, i responded and he didn't reply.

I am very new to dating and have no idea whats going on or what i did wrong.

Shall i just forget about him? Maybe he saw me and realised he wasn't attracted to me anymore?

Im confused, advice would be great!

Its been 48 hours and still nothing... he is always online too


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  • Wow settle down so he didn't respond right away, no need to freak out. If he likes you im sure he would get back to you some people dont like texting for hours on end or need time to think about the text or what they want to say. He could be busy or tired etc so be patient

  • I don't understand this behavior either


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