We met at a party how should I proceed?

I met this guy at a party, we really hit it off. He's really cute, sweet and funny as heck. And we talked a lot and even when we weren't, he was staring at me from across the room. Whenever we locked eyes (which happened often) he would smile at me. I've actually had my eye on him since freshman year (we're both Juniors now) but I never really got the chance to talk to him until last night.
After the party we talked some more, got a pic together, but ran out of time to exchange numbers (the security guards were coming to lock the building up) and we got separated in the crowd leaving the building. Should I follow him on social media? We have mutual friends on Facebook. Should I friend him? He's kind of popular with some girls but he very politely declined their advances towards him. However he didn't do that with me. How should I proceed and what should I think about him?


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  • Face book friend him he l8kes you

    • Are you sure he likes me? I did friend him, thanks for the advice! And now we're going bowling with some friends!

    • Ya probably

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