What shall I do?

So my x broke up with me and she said she had to find herself. well I said ok. now she says she wants to be friends. should i? I do care for her but its hard just being a friend. Also I know that she has been hanging out with her other x. It bothers me and I held back and haven't said anything. should i? should I just tell her to take a hike and deal with it?

She will text me and she knows I'm sick and she offered to make me soup.

I'm just at a total loss and don't know what to do. I care about her but I don't want to push her and when I talk to her its like I get happy then I don't hear from hear I get depressed and then I hear about her hanging out with x's. I'm I nuts?

please help!

So I guess I'm just gonna have to break off connection and if it was meant to be it will happen. My last question is should I say something to her or should I just give her the cold shoulder and ignore her?


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  • First of all, she does care about you. But at the same time she is asking to have her cake and eat it too. I would give her an ultimatum, because staying friends and watching the woman you love move on while you still love her, is very unhealthy for you. Tell her how you feel and then either be with her or move on. Hanging out with x's isn't good for your relationship with her. How would she feel if you met someone else or talked to an x? Put it to her that way. Good luck!

    • I have tried that and all I got was I just need this time to figure stuff out. I tried getting her to see it my way but it didn't work.

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  • You should say something to her occainsionally...just to show that you don't hate her...but don't say much and keep it to small talk.

  • i think the easiest way to get over her is just to stop talking to her... if she txt don't txt back just stop until you get your head together.. she might still care about you as a friend but she should understand that she also hurt you...

    my best wishes.. =]


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  • She's playing you dude. Keeping HER options open. I just went through this myself. I actually thought I was reading something I wrote except it was only one ex. Yes you should say something. She will know that you have self respect and that's a big time plus ! Anyways when she calls and stuff keep it brief and NEVER sound depessed ! Always make it like you are keeping busy and don't have a lot of time if any for her, even in text messages ( I hate those things..to many secrets in them things ). The more you keep your distance the more she will want to know why and will try to work herself into your time. Make NO mistake...when there are ex's involved and depending on how long they were together...the best thing to do is probably bow out and find someone new. You may never know what she really wants and from my experience...the new guy will not win !

    • Thanks a lot I have been trying to stay distant but she just ropes me back in. Its just really hard.

    • I know what you're saying dude. Just gotta have self control. It may hurt now but it is better for you in the long run. Keep your distance and TRUST your instincts. I know they suck but 9 outta 10 their right! Mine were! And time to figure things out almost always means she wants to be with someone else and you two should be friends. You don't want to be her friend. All that does is stir your emotions. Its either boyfriend and girlfriend or nothing at all. There is NO middle ground here...for your sake.