Is she back with her ex?

Broke up with this girl I was seeing about 3 months ago. we were together for 4 or 5 months. anyway since the breakup she's been initating contact with me. texting me on and off, telling me I look really good in recent pics. It felt like she was trying to keep communication open which gave me hope. yesterday I passed mt driving test and she congratulated me, and text me telling me she's been offered this big promotion at work. I didn't see the text till the next day. however just as I was sending her the text I saw a picture of her with her ex that he had tagged her in, It said "was good to see you today" she commented under saying " you to pickel, have a great time on holiday your love it <3 " my heart sank as I saw this. I replied to her text saying thanks! and congratulated her on her promotion. My question is, do you think she's back with her ex, I can only assume she is but why is she's keeping incontact with me as she didn't just start speaking to him thismorning?


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  • she probably is.


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