Why has it bothered me?

Me and his guy really like each other we act more like boyfriend and girlfriend then mates to be honest, recently he told me that he's going to get "the snip" due to him having a few children. I couldn't lie to him I told him that it bothered me but I don't see why though? It's not that me and him are actually a couple nor that it's my place to say to him not to go through with it.. can anyone explain why it's bothered me? 😳


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  • Because you want to have his kids

    • But I don't

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    • I don't know, but we are mates end of the day

    • Come on, be honest with yourself. Even a first year psych student could figure this one out

What Girls Said 1

  • Most likely, the reason why it bothered you is because you like him. Just like you said, you are more like a couple than mates, maybe in the back of your mind you've thought about being in a relationship with him and possibly have children with him.


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