Please help - where do I go with this? What's going on?

A few weeks ago I met a guy off a dating app, a tourist who would only be in Aus for the next month. Despite that, I thought he was gorgeous and proceeded to get drinks with him - thinking a fling would suit me fine as I didn't want anything serious.

When I met him, last week, it was incredible. I've never ever met anyone with as much depth, knowledge and connection. I was with my ex for nearly a year, and didn't feel the connection (not chemistry) I felt with him. That was last Tuesday. We then saw each other again on the Friday, Sunday and now yesterday, and again tomorrow. I never see guys this fast this quickly. The thing is - most people would say he's just using me for sex or a fling or company - but he hasn't even tried despite us being on his bed alone twice now. We've made out, heavily but that's it. When I noted his gentlemanly behavior, he said, he feels nervous around me. He said he hasn't cared about a girl like this in years and he's scared. He thinks it's wonderful but it's terrible.

I know he's not lying, I can tell how much he likes me through his actions, his intimacy and how he treats me. It sounds silly, but I can see it in how he looks at me that he's falling. After a week - and I know that terrifies him because it terrifies me too. I've never felt this way before. We've shared information with each other we never have with others. We're both very similar, introverted people and for us to find each other and understand each other like we do is making him want to come back here after he has a month away (a flight he booked before he met me) and start his career here, or I'll go to England to be with him when I graduate.

The thing is though - I woke up this morning and felt really flat. It just hit me, I'm falling in love with someone who is leaving in a week.

Should I bring up a LDR? Would he go for it?
Needless to say we've also both deleted the dating app.


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  • won't hurt to try :)

  • I've had a couple LDRs for me they never work


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