Do you think this is enough to make my girlfriend break up with me? Who's fault was it? If mine what can I do to make things right?

Me and my girlfriend had a very heated argument yesturday, We;ve been dating for 2 years but it was kinda bad. Now i'am a nice person and don't get mad easy but i kinda blew my top off last night. So all during the day yesturday she started yelling at me for things that i was suppose to do but i forgot and kept yelling and yelling, that nigth we went out with my friends and she embarssed me infront of my friends. Back in the car she kept yelling at me still cause i was saying things back to her and i kept telling her i would pull over if she donesn't stop it. So finally i got mad and started screaming at her, pulled over and grabbed her arm and told her to get out, and even pushed her out. It was a 10 minute walk in the dark to her house.

Now it's a little weird cause this afternoon she texted me and said "sorry about last night but i have something to tell you". Now does this mean she's going to break up with me? what could it mean?
Anyone help?


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  • you may have went a little overboard when you made her walk home but other than that you handled yourself very well. as for the last part that could be anything, it could be that she is breaking up with you or it could mean she is pregnant or something


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