Guys!! In your opinion what is overweight?

Guys!! In your opinion what is overweight???

Okay! So I am going back into the dating world, and I feel so paranoid about my weight! I used to be incredibly obese, and I'm still really chunky, but not that bad! For some reason guys (like really cute ones) hit on me. I'm an even 190 lbs, 5'5, but I wear a size 10. I hold a lot of muscle weight. I have an hour glass figure, so maybe I look thinner? I don't know but I'm just really curious on what is considered fat and gross to you guys!
also I will leave a few pictures so you can catch an example. Honest answers!


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  • LOL you're grandma photobombed you in the first pic...

    I think you are overweight but chubby is more suitable word to describe and the hour glass figure deffinitely makes your figure look better. Guys hit on you because you look like a lively cheerful person and you're cute.

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