Please please help! I think my boyfriend likes another girl?

We met halfway through sophomore year and instantly hit it off. But he has a friend who notorious for sleeping around and flirting with guys even though she has a boyfriend!. She flirts with him a lot, now I know it's because she's really jealous of our relationship. He claims he doesn't like her and I know he really really loves me. but even though he calls me beautiful and hot, he told me that he thought she was hot one time.

So I questioned him about her flirting around with guys, because he had told me a story of this one guy named Robie who she flirted around with. His female friend broke Robie's heart. I asked him how he thought that was acceptable, and he sort of got defensive of her. Eventually, he broke down crying and told me that this girl helped him out of his depression before he met me. He is not one to cry in front of others, so I ended the argument there.
He did also tell me that if her flirting bothered me that he would tell her to stop.

But there's this gut feeling that won't go away. I'm afraid to ask him, but do you think I should?
I should add that this guy is completely unpredictable, and I've been wrong many times about him before.

  • He likes her gurl, dump him!
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  • Hmmm... nah. you're fine.
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  • it's kinda in the middle...
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  • If he cheats on you just cut his dick off I have revenue plans if you ever need any😊


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