Should I still feel guilty and bad about myself it didn't work out? Oh and im a girl not a guy?

i was dating this guy for 6 a half months, when I first met him it was from a one night stand after that night we met the next day made me breakfast and took me out on a double date, he went back to work for two weeks, the first week he was back at work he called and we where talk after that he when a bit quiet, the day he got back for his week of work it was New Years Eve of course i wanted to spend time with him so i called him up and he invited me over, so i went there we had sex and after he tells me that his going over east for 4 days this cut me up because i thought he would want to spend time with me, the day he got back from his hoildays over east because i got up set about him leaving he broke up with me the next day he message me asking me if i wanted to give it a nother go so i said yes so he came and took me out for dinner, in the beginning of the relationship for probably like the first 3 a half months he was taking me with his friends and doing different things with me, then he booked his Hoildays off from work to go to American for 2 a half months after he did that he started to go out every Saturday night and most sundays would be to hung over to spend time with me and during the week we couldn't do much besides go out for dinner and it was hard on the relationship when he works away for two weeks and i work 6 days a week plus when he was at work it was hard to communicate with him. I still feel like its my fault that it didn't work maybe if i didn't get up set I feel so insecure it would have worked out between us.


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  • its not your fault,


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