Okay, I need some advice and someone to tell me maybe why?

okay, i am 14 years old and i am a sophomore in high school. i have been dating my boyfriend for two months now and i have fallen for him completely. but, the day i got my braces off which was a few weeks ago i accidently sent a picture of me smiling to my ex who is now a junior. he broke up with me after a week because of my height. i am 6'4 and he is around 5'10. and he has been flirting with me a lot lately na dhe told me he still has feelings for me. and he told me that me and my boyfriend should break up because of some reasons. but its been a year since he broke up with me so i dont understand why he is telling me all of this now. i never really got over him. i thought i did. but when he told me all of this my heart and stomach dropped. i haven't flirted back or anything because im loyal and everything and im in love with my boyfriend. but i just need some help understanding.


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  • If you love your boyfriend then you shouldn't allow your ex to come
    between you two or least you need to stand up and tell him your
    self how things are


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