Boyfriend acted like a jerk after sex?

Okay. So me and my boyfriend have sex on an occasional basis and we had food and ate and everything, his work starts at 3:00 and he took me home around 2:45 but when we got to my house it was 2:56 and I wanted a kiss but he seemed like he didn't so I just kind of sat there and he told me "can you get out? I have 2 minutes!!!" (it was 2:58) and I got mad and said "I'm never doing this again." (As in never having sex with him) and as I was getting out I said "I'm serious. Never again" and when I got out he sped off. : I know he didn't want to be late but he was late already. His work is like 15 minutes away so I don't get why he had to be so rude about it


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  • It's hard to say without having seen and heard how it happened. As the one not late for work, it's easy for you to think that it'll only take a second for a kiss. Try and see it from his view. He might have been stressing about being late and didn't think about a kiss. So when you just sat there, he might not have known why you were doing it and it could have seemed like you were just wasting time.

    I'm not saying he wasn't rude, I'm just saying it might not have been intensional.


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  • well he's an ass depending how he said it, but I don't know i wasn't there u might be overreaacting. did u talk later?

  • because he was late, you selfish fool

    • If you're going to call me out of my name, please have the balls to take your self off anon.

    • offended by the truth huh?

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