Why won't he text me?

So there's this guy I am interested in and I'm sure he's interested in me too, sooo I need help on this

Last night he stopped texting me after I responded to something, so I texted last. He didn't respond a little later (as in fell asleep and answer after waking up "oh sorry I felt asleep")
He usually goes to sleep at 2-4am.. considering it's summer. Even if he's doing something the next day he won't go to sleep as early as 8/9pm which is when he didn't text back... Also he didn't text me in the morning to say "hey sorry bout la at night... or goodmorning have a great day!" When yesterday I had said goodmorning so you'd think he would have gotten the idea to say goodmorning

He has a Job at 9 lam and leaves at 5pm however it's funny because just yesterday we spoke about his work schedule and I discussed it with him, and I said I just wanted to know when he worked so I wouldn't distract him during his job but he replied:

"I honestly don't know but we're closed on Monday and besides even if you did text me while I'm a work I'm never too busy to answer you beautiful" so I'm thinking hr couldn't have shot mr a quick goodmorning text?

Yet he hasn't texted me all day and it's almost 9pm! Also I texted him first the past few days and I don't want to keep doing that because it'll be a habit of me initiating the conversation and then he'll become lazy or I'll seem obsessed (which it may seem, but I'm not.. I'm just confused and naive) I want to talk to him but I'm not sure what's going on in his mind... please help me. What do I do, I was thinking at 9pm (15min from now) I'll just text him because I want to talk to him... but I don't want him thinking I'm so easy to get ahold of cause hell take me for granted



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  • Why don't you ask him?

    • Wouldn't that be kind of awkward. .. how would I say it without seeming like a obsessive creep?

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    • Okay, wish me luck!! :/ :o

    • Good luck

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  • Take it easy. Sometimes texting conversations end. Give him a couple of days and if he hasn't messaged you by then, then send him a message if you want. Just relax

  • you should text him first.

    • Why? Just want to know , thanks in advance

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