What is going on with my girl?

My girl we have not offically been together... but we have been dating for a month or so. And we text pretty regularly, but recently she has either not been responding to my texts or waiting hours and hours (like 4 hours). Yes, I know she might be busy but I can't actually know that when she never responds to my text asking what's up or how was her day. So should I just wait it out and see if she's been busy or what should I do?


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  • just wait it out.


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  • wait it out


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  • she's probably seeing other guys as well and is just keeping you warm! If she would really like you, she will make time to at least respond to your texts. she's playing

    • That's false.

    • Well it might be true. I dont know anyone who just ignores somebody they like because theyre busy. But i might be wront or course. You guys are very young so just ask her about it, and also ask why you guys still aren't official. You have to male clear that you want to know how she feels about you

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