How do I become a better listener?

I work with a bunch of hyper kids all day as a gym teacher and I have sleep apnea.. So I'm basically always tired and it doesn't help that my girlfriend always wants to talk when I get home.. I fall asleep on her all the time and she tells me it has devastating effects on her self-esteem, and it creates a huge rift between us.. She has threw things at me, and even threw my clothes off our balcony because I fall asleep on her when we argue. She reacts intensely to this due to her all about her, spoiled upbringing.. How do I stop my mind from sleeping? Am I just not interested? How do I show her I really am trying to pay attention to her?


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  • Sounds to me like she's the type that just rambles on with endless me me me banter. I wouldn't deal with a spoiled brat. She should be more sensitive to your medical condition and stop being so fucking selfish


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  • look her in the eye and actually listen, dont let your mind wander.


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  • I assume she knows of the problem.
    So, the best bet is either leave her or if you are not that person read below.
    1. Take medicine like sertraline for sleeping problem.
    2. Tell her you will go for treatment
    3. That her to please don't make it irritating because sleeping disorders are mostly related to stress. Narcolepsy for instance happens when a person can't face difficult situations.
    4. Change your job to a less difficult level.(hardly possible but worth the try)


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