What are some alternative ways of meeting a fella for a woman in her 40s?

I know a few gals like myself who are single but not into online dating services. Any other ideas guys and girls? I'm finding that it's easier to meet younger men. Men our age don't seem to be into women their own age. Would love your thoughts/comments guys and girls.


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  • Men your age want younger women because when you were younger you probably wanted older men, so it goes both ways. If you want to meet young successful men go to trade shows. I own my own company and I always see young men, older men, and middle aged men at these trade shows and they are successful.

    Business owners invest their time in trade shows to network and see what new solutions can be applied to their business. I am assuming you want a successful man since you are probably in a stable career at your age.

    • Thanks for your input... that's a good idea. Successful is a bonus but I'm not looking for someone with money. Rather someone with whom I can be a best friend. I recently met someone younger, and normally I would not have been interested in a younger man. But honestly he seems more mature than men my own age. And it seems younger men are dating older women these days.

    • Yes, because there is less of a stigma behind women's sexuality. Let me ask you, since I don't want to assume, did you prefer older men when you were younger?

    • For me, mostly my own age. One time in college a man 14 years older asked me out. It was a lovely date but I've always felt I had more in common with guys my own age. Now that I'm older, I'm more open minded. It really comes down to connection for me. I just prefer to meet someone offline, as it seems more natural.

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  • i always imagine men that age hanging out at wine tastings or toastmasters meetings.
    ... at least, when i did those things, there were older guys there.


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  • What are you doing to meet people? You could join clubs/groups around your town that you have an interest in.

    • Not much unfortunately... mostly because of time. But that's a good idea. Thanks!

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  • If you have kids, teachers or single parents of your kids friends can work.


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