Would she date a guy like me?

This girl I like is 16 and I'm 15 please don't a sky why my account says 18 it's complicated. Anyways

She has 2 jobs I'm pretty sure she can drive and I think she likes me, but I don't think she'd like me after knowing I have no job at all my mom basically takes care of me still and she's independent. She gets paychecks etc probably has a car she wouldn't like me would she a little boy with no job, I'm supposed to be getting a moped soon but I'm not paying a dime. I want a job so bad I even have a prepaid card for when I earn money. But still she wouldn't want to take Care of a little 15 year old boyfriend who wouldn't be able to buy her what she would like would she


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  • I think you should get the courage. And tell your mother first

    • i may not be physically old but im mentally older than you possibly i started learning how to drive at 13, i'm a grade ahead and not to mention i already have my own car which im going to be able to drive in a couple of months so i'm more than positive i don't need permission

      Thank you.

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    • I told her that i liked her and she said that she does like me but she see's me as a brother figure at the same time so right now we're kinda stuck, i don't know how its going to play out but i feel good to know that she does actually have feelings for me

    • At least she didn't freak out. And I think she is a person who should not be let go.
      And I think it will work. I think she will will come around. I feel happy.

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  • if you treat her good, she will.


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