Why the guy that I like is being nice to my friend?

This guy i have a crush on is super nice to my really good friend when he's usually very cold with almost everyone and he's nice to the same group of people I'm very close with i think he likes me because he's always looking at me and he has smile at me when he never does and he's very different with me.


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  • I do the same. My reason is I want her to convey my message somehow to a friend. But it seems to me it is not working.
    He wants to talk to you but can't seems to warm up to you.

    • True how did you figure that out? He has tried but I always walk away.

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    • Everyone says he likes me but I don't get how because he has a girlfriend

    • Now I understand it. Forget everything. Don't ask him anything. He is just being plain stupid and he should stop this behavior if he has a girlfriend.

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  • he likes you! and he wants your friends to like him.


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  • You mentioned nothing about the guys behavior around your friend...

    • He only talks to her work related and he's nice to her and he seat in break with her one time like today he did it in front of me when he ususally never pays attention to me but he walks by me often and he stays close by and i see hikm looking at me.

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  • he likes you and he probably wants your friends to like him I think


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