This guy keeps telling me he loves me... Is this his way of trying to keep my interest?

This guy keeps telling me he loves me... Is this his way of trying to keep my interest?
I've known this guy since jr high and he lost his virginity to me. We're in our twenties now. throughout the years we loved our own lives, he would once in a blue send me a message on Facebook asking how I was. Sometimes when we would meet, we would go out, and then we would talk and then I wojkdnt hear from him. And then we don't talk for months. It happened this way a few times the last given years. We've had sex sometimes too when we met up. Anyway, fast forward. The past couple of monrhs we've been hanging our quite often and having sex. In the beginning, he I guess was playing, because he didn't call/text me often after we've had sex. I would hear from him every few days. Then the more we hung out, the more I started to like him. I told him I didn't like not hearing from him and that maybe we should move on because I don't want just sex. He said he can't help but be so attracted to me, and he'll try to take me out more. We hung out but at his place. Anyway, the more we hung out, he would say things like, "could u see yourself being with a man like me" or , "be my girl" I didn't say much except for "aren't I already" even though I changed my mind and just wanted to be a friends with benefits instead. He started asking "when are we getting marries through text and in person He went to Egypt and is coming next week and asked what I wanted from there. He text me when h got there saying there's "no one he rather be with than me and next time he leaves her not leavin w/o me"... So he leaves tomorrow from Egypt, and text me "babyyy" and how he's leaving early and he'll call when he arrives half way. Then he said "bade, I love you" ... This isn't the first time that he said this. A few days before he said how he wished he was there with me. I replied with "that's so sweet" then he said "u think I'm bullshiting u" I love you"


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  • I think if he loves you then he should be taking you out more and doing couple things with you instead of having sex all the time. I think he should prove more to you instead of saying it. You and him have a lot of history together and something good can come from it if you both want it to and is on the same page together.


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  • Yeah, he means it but you're correct to wonder how much... I'm reading that he want to play house with you and maybe be exclusive if that plays out well. He has not no worries about you being uprooted & totally under his control & mercy until you get established in a new place... while he risks nothing except to say NO to a few remaining gal offers to go out.

    Did you not get enough answers from this original post?

    How are you finally leaning on this issue? Go with him?

    • What do you mean go with him? & I needed more advice so that's why I posted again. Do you feel like he doesn't know what he wants? Why won't he call me often then? ill only get a text or call once a day if that

    • And what do u mean under HIS control?

    • Go with him = he won't leave w/o you (you reported) so go with him

      More advice? Your Q must have run out of comments?
      Sure, I've run into that but... that could be a sign (repeated posts & Qs) that others might avoid either us or the question, either not to their tastes, boring or not interesting. These are also reasons for not calling us as often, fewer texts, although I elect to believe these are b/c the comms could get too involved, too time consuming.

      SO I vote he might comm you more if you kept things short, not so many questions to him, not so involved, just happy "love yous" and save the debates, Qs, long stories for letters/mail/email.

      His control = his place in which you are new & foreign

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  • sounds like a player/


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