Why can't I get a date?

I'm a senior now in high school and I don't really think I'm very attractive but other people say that I am often. I don't always dress fancy and don't really wear skirts but I don't wear sweatpants and a baggy t shirt or anything that sloppy. I don't usually wear makeup but when I do it's just some eyeliner and mascara (I don't wear foundation because I don't really get zits very often, but if I do have a zit I'll cover it up). I feel like I'm kinda fat but I work out a lot so I'm really very muscular and have big boobs, to be honest... I'm smart (in a lot AP/weighted grade classes) and ambitious but I still know how to have fun, and I'm not opposed to having a good time. I'm pretty quiet in class but it also depends on the class and if someone talks to me I'm nice to them! (Though I'm not a big talker, no matter how much this post contradicts that) I'm not clingy or needy or any other clich├ęs I can think of that guys don't like. I'm not really that interested in the concept of a relationship right now, to be honest. (I was in one once and I was treated horribly, so I'm not sure i want to go down that road again) It's just frustrating that no one even asks me out unless its some stranger I don't even know asking for my number. It's been almost two years since my last relationship ended (thank god) and I've only been out on two dates and nothing happened either time (it was two dates with two different people), and they just didn't work out. The first guy was a jerk and I'm not sure why but the second guy just ignored me after a couple weeks. Im a virgin, and I'm not too insecure about that (though it is a little embarrassing, but that's okay) but I'm also not a prude. Also, I'm bisexual, so that somewhat opens my dating pool I guess. I don't know what I'm doing wrong!


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  • Maybe tooo open? well thats what I've been told. Cause I was like you in highschool. Except the part about skirts and being male but otherwise yea i went through highschool feeling like i couldnt find some one to date.

    • Same situation here. I can't seem to speak to girls. Like a zip on my mouth. Completely seals. well almost because I usually say yes no or single word answers.

    • I have the issue where i can talk like too freely so i like scare away the girls and its pissed me off to the point i have given up asking our them

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  • just try to be yourself and hope for he best.


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